All of the services offered by Yoctu are web based with an easy to set up REST API. Feel free to check them out.


In times of troubles logger is here for you. It has all the features you'd expect from a well functioning log, with a modern design. It's simple, reliable and really efficient.


Does the term GDPR ring a bell? No need to break down: locating data about specific users is made easy with Audit. Track and locate personal data like never before. And that's only one purpose.


well, Its purpose is pretty obvious. It does send mails. Mailer is your trusted assistant to send and track emails directly from your app


Your database can be a bit messy but filer knows it best. Use Filer to store and retrieve files. Stay cosy in your office chair while filer crawls you hole database for the one thing you're looking for.


Go big or go home. We live in a multinational world. Your app needs to be available in all languages to reach its full potential. Klingon? No problem! Use translate and implement new languages.


All our apps are well and fine, but at the end of the day, you need money flowing in. Payment has you covered, offering your user all main payment options. More conversions means more revenues


because security matters, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the users. Connect is your master key. Forget all variants of your first password you created back in middle school. Connect has your back: a master key that encrypts your data.


as a user you're tired of constant sollicitations: notifications, mail alerts, alerts follow ups, reviews inquiries on the alert protocol. Well, notification does all that, but in a smart way. Reach all your users without infuriating them.


You might want to add a touch of human interaction in your app. Spread a sense of community and peace. All humans long for that interaction.